A Surprising New Spiritual Discipline?

Okay, this is one I have always joked about.   Now it turns out that there is some good research to support the idea.  This is a spiritual discipline that anyone, and I do mean anyone, can use.

This spiritual discipline:

  • restores our spiritual and emotional well-being
  • Increases our creative potential
  • Provides much needed physical energy.
  • AND is Soooooo easy that even a child can do it.

Can you guess what this great spiritual discipline is?

NAPPING!   (okay, the pictures probably gave it away, but still. . .)

Using a strategic power nap in your day can be a great way to honor God with your emotions.

Find out more about the research from Michael Hyatt from his great article here.

Not sure what I mean by “Spiritual Disciplines”?  Check out this interview with Don Whitney.    He gives a broad definition (which napping can fit into) and then goes on to explain other disciplines.


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