Faith vs. Fear

The Question

So last week, almost on a whim, I put a question out on social media.  The question was “By our actions, what are some ways that Christians deny that Jesus is God?”

The question was “By our actions, what are some ways that Christians deny that Jesus is God?”

Some pastor friends took the line that we cannot truly be Christians and actively deny Jesus.  I certainly agree that a Christian will not knowingly deny or disown the divinity of Jesus, however, this wasn’t what I was really asking.  So, I needed to word the question differently.  I was looking for ways that we who believe deny Jesus by our actions without realizing it.

Peter or Judas?

Maybe the better way to look at it would be Peter and Judas.  On the night when Jesus was betrayed, both Peter and Judas denied Jesus.  The difference, of course, is that Peter denied Jesus in the heat of the moment and then repented later on when he experienced conviction.  Judas, on the other hand, not only denied but rejected Jesus completely.  My question was really about recognizing the ways that we become like Peter in our daily lives.

The Sermon

If you would like to hear the message, you can download it HERE

The Full List

In the message, I mentioned that I would post the entire list of social media responses.  So, here’s the full list of responses I received.  The “P” and the “J” are the only editorial changes I have made.  “P” means that I think a response is more of a Peter denial.  “J” means I think it’s more of a Judas denial.

  1. Knowingly supporting groups that openly deny the deity of Christ  P
  2. keeping silent when others are denying him P
  3. refusing to obey what he has said to do or not do.  P
  4. By rarely – if ever – praying to him (as in, “Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins / teaching us how to live in a way that honors you / interceding to the Father on our behalf….”, etc.), and ONLY praying to God the Father. If the Son and the Spirit are each part of the Godhead (and they are), then it’s certainly appropriate that we should acknowledge them in our prayers from time to time.  P
  5. By publicly professing to be Christians and then doing many of the same ungodly things that lost people do. (Are we really representing Christ? Do we remember who he TRULY is?)  P
  6. When we are indifferent to his commission to “go and make disciples”, we deny Christ’s authority (as God) to send us.  In fact, every sustained disobedience against Christ’s message/Word is a denial of his authority as God.  P
  7. We deny that Jesus is God when we try to manipulate a situation to get what we want, rather than walking through what he is taking us through.  P
  8. Actually, the Bible is pretty clear about the behaviors that will keep us out of heaven, which are the direct answer to your question.  The issue is more of categorizing sin in ways that we define one sin as less than another and the lesser sin is more acceptable in our eyes.  The other is a subconscious merit system by which the good that we do in our eyes outweighs the descriptive wrongs (sins) identified in the Bible.  Example, fornication is not really fornication if you really love each other, or if you have plans to marry.  In summary, what you refer to as denial they would refer to as approval.  J
  9. I ignore His command to love and serve others as He did.  P
  10. I’m sorry I can’t answer your question, but I can ask one:  If a Christian denies that Jesus is God, is he truly a Christian?  Jesus said “I and the Farther are one”  John 10:30  J
  11. Staying silent when a co-worker uses the Lords name in vain.  Not standing up and owning Him and saying you’re offended and it’s wrong.  P
  12. REVENGE  When we forget that God said vengeance is mine and we get back at those who hurt us. We not only stop showing grace and love but we bring consequences upon ourselves and tie Gods hands as to His will for the situation. Revenge blinds us from the truth that God loves our enemies and His will is for repentance.  When we as Christians seek revenge we not only push that person further from repentance but we to cause our walk to stumble as well as any observers. It also hinders our forgiveness when we choose not to forgive as the Lord’s prayer reminds us. Not to mention forgiveness is for the forgiver more than it ever is for the forgiven.  P
  13. worry,  P
  14. being unkind or disrespectful,  P
  15. needing to be right  P
  16. Because we don’t walk in fellowship one with another in love; To serve and become a servant of Love.  John 3:17-18…says but who has this world’s goods and see if his brother have a need and shut up as bowels of compassion from how dwelleth the love of God in him? my little children let us not love in word neither in tongue but in Deed and in truth.  For God is ❤️.    P
  17. I think we live like Jesus isn’t God when we treat his teaching and example as mere suggestions.  P
  18. We also fail to honor Jesus’ divinity when he is reduced only to the category of a respectable moral teacher on par with MLK Jr and Gandhi.  P
  19. The biggest area I’ve witnessed (in myself as well as in other Christians) is in the use of our time. We prioritize most things above gathering with the Body, except on Sunday.  P


Well, there’s the list.  Can you think of more?

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