But What If It’s True . . . ?

A college friend of mine went on an insanely incredible journey.  He grew up in a conservative Christian home.  Like me, he had gone through all of the religious rites of passage that our Dutch Reformed upbringing dictated.  Like me, we had graduated from college, with wives (he actually introduced me to mine) and degrees.  The difference was that his degree was in Engineering rather than Theology.

However, as an adult, he began to experience a faith crisis of sorts.  The question he couldn’t shake was “what if our beliefs aren’t true?”   He was concerned that he simply accepted his parent’s belief system without question.  Now, as an adult, he wanted to be sure.

An Extraordinary Journey.

So my friend took an extraordinary step.  He set out to consider his own faith from the perspective of an atheist.  He got the best books by the most prominent atheist thinkers and began reading.  With the precision of an engineer, he put his own faith to a rigorous test.

This is a scary step for anyone.  In fact, he did not tell me about his journey until it was over so his pastor friend would not offer any undue influence.  He truly wanted to weigh the belief propositions of Christianity against those of atheism.

What are we afraid of?

I wonder how many people, Christian or non-Christian, are willing to do what my friend did?  As a Christian, the Bible actually teaches us to test what we believe to see if it’s true.  (see Acts 17:11, 1 Thessalonians 5:21, 1 John 4:1).   Yet some people find this scary.

I maintain that if something is true, then I can question it all day long.  The end result of that questioning will be increased verification of the truth.  However, if something is not true, then questioning it will show the flaws.

An Invitation

Some of you reading this post are not Christians.  Thank you so much for reading this post.  Would you be willing to take the same journey?

The good news is our faith is easy to investigate.  Our faith hangs on the resurrection of Jesus.  Would you take one Sunday morning and come listen to the facts?  The best time to hear the key belief of our faith is Easter Sunday  (Sunday, April 16 @ 10:45 a.m.).  You can click on here to find out about our church.  

I also have an offer.  Since I am inviting you to consider the central claims of Christianity, I want you to have plenty of time to carefully consider the facts.  So, I will happily give you a free copy of the book The Case for Easter.   I have 20 copies and I will reserve one for you . . . No pressure.  No strings attached.

My friend discovered that the belief system of Christianity had more support than Atheism. You might reach a different conclusion.  I am simply inviting you to consider.

To reserve your free copy of the book click here.

To find out about our Easter worship or more about our church, click here

To join or start the conversation, add your questions or comments below.  I’ll definitely be jumping into the discussion!


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