The Best Part of Last Week

While I’m not a huge fan of selfies or selfie videos, I did want to share this story with you guys.  So here’s the video link:

(And yes, I forgot to hold my phone sideways.  Sorry about that).


My Take Away:

It’s always a little nerve racking to post part of someone else’s story.  I showed this clip to the person I am talking about.  She gave me permission to post it and share it.  She wants her story to encourage others who might be considering Christianity.  I have gotten to know her and her family and they are truly great people.  It is a great privilege to share in this part of their journey.

Here are my take aways from this whole experience:

  • God’s Word Speaks.  I didn’t need to fluff it up.  I didn’t need to shake my finger or tell her what to believe.  The invitation was simply to study God’s Word for herself and let the truth speak for itself.
  • Acts 17:11.  I share this passage often when I preach.  My perspective is that Acts 17:11 is the passage that tells you NOT to believe anything I preach.  Rather, receive the message that I (or any pastor) preach and then test what we say against God’s Word.

At the end of her search, she was at peace with her decision.  God’s Word was sufficient for her to find the freedom she was looking for.

An Invitation

As we are coming into the Easter, are you willing to take the same journey?  Are you willing consider that the claims of Christianity are A) True and B) Liberating?

If so, here are three ways to begin your journey.

  1. Go to my Contact Page and fill out the form.  I will send you a free copy of The Case for Easter.  No pressure.  No strings.  Just a resource for you to consider.
  2. Check out our Easter Sunday worship service on April 16.  Service begins at 10:45 a.m. and we will explore the central truth claim of the Christian faith.  Click HERE for more info.
  3. Join the Conversation below by answering one of these questions.

What questions do you have about the Christian Faith?


What convinced you that the Christian Faith is true?

Join the conversation below!



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